UFC 250 Live | Amanda Nunes vs Felicia Spencer catch all the action

UFC 250 Live

ufc 250, amanda nunes vs felicia spencer
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We are live from Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC 250 Nunes vs Spencer.
To catch the action of UFC Fight Night Overeem vs Harris

Sean O' Mally vs Eddie Wineland

go to this Sean O' Mally vs Eddie Wineland to watch this match
Stats:- Sean"Sugar"- 25 years young fighter, Undefeated 11-0, 222 significant strikes
Eddie"Mustache" - 35 years, First WEC Bantamweight champion, most knockouts(8) and knockdowns(13) in UFC/WEC Bantamweight History.
Round1:-  O'Malley with a lower kick but Wineland is pushing forward early then fires a head kick that misses, Wineland with a couple of punches. Pushing Sean back, sean throws a right hand then Eddie with a right hand of his own, Sugar hits a spinning back kick to the body, another solid shot to the body and a right hand. Another smooth right hand by O'Malley right to the jaw, Wineland is on sleep, Malley just walks out one of best walkout since Mark Hunt. one-punch KO for Sean.
Result:- Sean O'Mally KO Eddie in Round1.

Anthony Rocco vs Neil Magny Welterweight Division

Stats:- Neil with 3rd most wins in UFC Welterweight History
Rocco has 3rd highest striking defense among active UFC Welterweights, 5 first-round finishes.
Round1:- Martin pushes Neil back with a few wide right hands. As Magny trying to push back, Martin lands a crisp right hand, Magny is buzzed and circling octagon just to recover. Martin with a big double leg takedown. Magny is able to make it back to standing. Magny pushes Martin into the cage and looking for the takedown, but a Martin kimura attempt forced Magny back the attempt. Magny lands a right hand, probably his best punch of the fight. Martin again pushes Magny into the cage and Martin is all over him simply not letting Magny for any offense.
Round2:- Magny with initial punches, Martin with a combo of punches then a good right hand by Martin. Martin with a takedown, Magny is cornered and Martin is all over him.
Magny still looks fresh then Martin trying for Kimura lock, Magny landed a good right hand.
Magny goes for a low kick, Martin with a punch than both exchanging kicks in the middle of the octagon.
Round3:- Magny pushes Martin back. Martin goes for a takedown but Magny with nice right hands, Martin breathing heavily and looks very exhausted, Neil is still going on a big shot to the face of Martin. Martin is trying to survive, Magny with knees, punches to Martin in the corner. Martin is hurt and Magny is still going on a low kick than a jab. Martin with a good right hand and Magny with a right hand of his own. the third round belongs to Magny, Martin just trying to survive.
Result:- 30-272, 30-27, 29-28 winner by unanimous decision Neil Magny

Cory Snadhagen vs Aljamain Sterling

Stats:- Sterling, 3rd longest active win streak.
Cory, 7-fight win streak, 4th highest striking rate in UFC History.
Round1:- Lot of footwork and movement from both at the very beginning of the match, Sterling got the back of Cory to go for submission with choke, triangle, and finally able to wrap his arm under the chin of Cory, Cory TAPS OUT.1:28 seconds of Ist round.
Result:- Cory Snadhagen def. Aljamain Sterling via submission at 1: 28 seconds

Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao

go to this Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao to watch the match
Stats:- Cody, former Bantamweight Champion, Highest KO rate in UFC Bantamweight history.
Raphael with 4th Most wins in UFC, WEC Bantamweight History(11), 5th most significant strikes in UFC Bantamweight history(651)
It's time for the co-main event of the evening.
Round1:- Cody with low kicks early, Raphael with low strikes of his own. Assuncao with a kick aimed for the head. Both showing a lot of patience and are very cautious early, not fully letting go with their hands, though both throw spinning head kicks that miss Beautiful right hand by Cody, Assuncao with a kick right to the head, Cody absorbed it. Raphae with a spinning leg kick, but Cody dodges it. Assuncao landed a counter left and a leg kick of his own
Round2:- Raphelw ith low kicks, Cody is still dodging, Rapheal with spinning kicks but not on spot, Left kick to the body of Raphael. Assuncao's body kick draws another calf kick response from Garbrandt.
Both exchanges low kicks in the middle of Octagon.
Cody showing some moves, uppercut but misses the spot than a clean and hard right hand to the Garbrandt, then go for the kick but Garbrandt caught the leg.
Cody with a combo of uppercuts then in at the bell Cody with a vicious and clean right hand to the head of Assuco and he is down, Assuncao unable to sit on the chair how devastating right hand this is.
Result:- Cody def. Raphael at 4:59 of round 2.

Amanda Nunes vs Felicia Spencer UFC Featherweight Championship Match

go to this Amanda Nunes vs Felicia Spencer to watch the match
Stats:- Spencer former Invicta FC Featherweight champion, 2nd most wins in UFC Featherweight History, 8-1 professional record.
Nunes the current UFC featherweight and Bantamweight Champion, most wins 11, 8 finishes, and 6 KOs in Bantamweight history, 19-4 professional record.
$1 million bet on Nunes on tonight's fight.
it's time for the main event of the evening.
Round1:- Spencer with a combo of punches to try and score a body lock, but Nunes lands a right hand, this reddening the eye of Spencer and then lands another big right hand.
Uppercut and a left hand behind it for Nunes
Nunes lands another right hand and Spencer looks for a single leg takedown against the cage and Nunes uses a big throw takedown of her own.
Nunes throws a knee to the body and then works to take the back. Spencer uses the cage to turn and avoid having her back taken but Nunes is blasting away with big elbows from the top.
Round2:- Spencer cut on her face and along her scalp from the first round attack of Nunes.
Spencer comes forward and lands a solid jab, but Nunes shrugs it off
Nunes lands a leg kick and then a big overhand right.
Nunes with another overhand right and Spencer try to charge for a takedown. Nunes takes her down though, easily. Nunes lands a series of elbows and avoids Spencer grabbing her arm, moving back and making Spencer stand back up. Then again Nunes put her down with punches.
Round3:- Nune with a hard right hand, Spencer loses her mouthpiece
Spencer almost lands an elbow, tries to throw a kick, and gets tossed to the ground by Nunes.
Nunes blasts Spencer to the body with a right hand and then throws a heavy combination. Spencer is trying to fight back, but Nunes is on another level.
Spencer fails on another takedown attempt and Nunes keeps stalking, popping with a right hand and then a right-hand lead uppercut.
Round4:- Spencer tries to make a comeback throw some punches but  Nunes with a couple of big right hand stuns Spencer.
Spencer tries her own leg kick, but no effect of the kick then Nunes with an easy takedown.
Nunes with a lead left elbow cracks, Spencer, to the face, followed by more strikes.
Nunes throws a spinning back kick to the body that lands cleanly and Spencer keeps circling, trying to figure out anything at all. Nunes takes her down again and throws leg kicks.
Nunes lands with a big right and Spencer fails again on a takedown attempt.
Nunes with a few big right hands and Spencer take them and go for more big shots. Spencer goes for a takedown, Nunes avoids and is on her back throwing strikes, and goes for a rear-naked choke but spencer survives.
Round5:- Spencer walks forward tries to throw punches but gets clipped again. Nunes in complete control
Spencer tries for the takedown again and again failed, 7th failed takedown attempt
Spencer has a massive bruise on her forehead, is cut in multiple spots 
Nunes drops more elbows to the face of Spencer. Nunes does some groundwork on spencer then Spencer gets back to her feet and referee Herb Dean calls for the doctor to look her over.
Spencer tells the doctor she wants to keep fighting and they continue with 52 seconds left.
Nunes lands a series of punches and scores a takedown. Spencer gets back up, Nunes throws her back down. Spencer survives to the final horn. but Nunes dominates each round like the Queen of the Jungle.
Result:- Offical scorecard 50-44, 50-44, 50-45, and by unanimous decision and still Featherweight champion Amanda Nunes.

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