WWE Smackdown Results | Aj Styles defend Intercontinental championship, Bayley battles Nikki Cross

WWE Smackdown Live Results | Aj Styles battles Metalik, Bayley defends Women Championship against Nikki Cross

Tonight WWE Smackdown Matches & Segments

  • Aj Styles vs Gran Metalik Intercontinental Championship Match
  • Bayley vs Nikki Cross WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match
  • Naomi battles Lacey Evans
  • Otis and Mandy Rose love continue
wwe smackdown results
WWE Smackdown Results

Tonight we have 2 huge Championship Matches on Friday night smackdown.
Nikki Cross has another chance to challenge Bayley for WWE Smackdown Women Championship as she defeats Alexa Bliss last Friday Night Smackdown, as she lost her first chance at Extreme Rules. we may see Cross turn heel and attack her best friend Bliss after she loses against Bayley.
Also on this week on Monday Night Raw Bayley's best Friend, Sasha banks become the New Raw Women's Championship by defeating Asuka via count-out, now Bayley and Banks currently have all the gold there is in women division championship.
Gran Metalik earns the opportunity to challenge Aj Styles for Intercontinental Championship tonight by winning a fatal 4-way match Last Friday Night.
Where is Braun and Bray warns last week on Firefly Funhouse that "He(the fiend) has been Unleashed", so what's next for the Fiend and Universal Championship at Summerslam?
Last week on Friday Night Smackdown, Jeff Hardy settle the score with Sheamus in a "Bar Fight", in end, moments, Hardy emerges with face paint like Willow or Nero and defeat Sheamus by delivering a Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder. Let's see what next for Hardy.
Search for New Challenge for current and New WWE Smackdown tag team Champion Cesaro and Shinske Nakamura.
Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin feud buildup for Summerslam.
Big E is ready for a single push after 2 out of 3 members of New day are out of the picture.
Naomi and Lacey Evans continue their "rivalry 😑".
Mr. Money in the Bank Otis and most beautiful creation of God Mandy Rose will on Smackdown.

FireFly Fun House

Bray showed searching for Braun. He said  He never wants to hurt Braun but he(Fiend) is awakened and he wants something(Universal Championship) from Braun and until he gets what he wants nobody is safe.

Aj STyles vs Gran Metalik Intercontinental Championship

Styles vs Metalik for IC Championship the first showdown of tonight. Styles with a kick to the midsection, pounding Metalik with kicks. Chop in the corner followed by a backbreaker.
Styles showcase some power with ad delayed suplex for 2 counts.
Styles dominate Metalik, put him down on the mat, and work on him in the corner.
Go for Stylesclash but Metalik getaway nad a few body shot but  Styles with a shot to the throat.
Metalik with a hurricanrana to sends Styles out of the ring, but STyle with a kick to the chin at the apron.
After the commercial, Gran hanging on the top turnbuckle, a few elbow shots to the STyles followed by a crossbody for near fall.
When it looks Metalik about to gain the upper hand. Styles turn the table again, Vicious kick to the chest, Metaik with a kick but Styles caught him and kicks to the hamstrings.
Styles working on the left knee of Metalik.
Gran fight back and hit a creative DDT for near fall. Gran with a missile dropkick from the 2nd rope for 2 counts. Metalik
Styles with a flurry of strikes, elbow to the jaw, kick to the knee followed by a clothesline.
Metalik goes for another dropkick form 2 nd rope but a shoulder tackle to the injured knee to cutoff all hi momentum, Styles with a calf-crusher, and after struggling Gran Metalik taps out
Styles attack Dorado after the match and hit a Styles clash.
Result:- Aj Styles def. Gran Metalik and Still IC Champion.

Jeff Hardy Segment

Jeff Hardy with a big smile on his face as he knocks off Sheamus last week in a bar fight.
He said he didn't felt that good in quite some time. And beating Sheamus in a bar fight reminds him he is on the right path. He said he knows he is an alcoholic, loving husband, WWE superstar, and will not led down the WWE universe.
King Corbin interrupts him. Corbin said what is happening here. He said Jeff is a charismatic enigma who known for taking things to the extreme but now he is just whining in the ring.
Corbin offered Hardy ransom to take out Matt riddle and Corbin said Hardy is more concerned in sitting in the little circle talking about 12 steps and collecting coins.
Drew Gulak attack Corbin from behind to shut Corbin down.

Gulak vs Corbin

 Gulak working on Corbin, Corbin with a knee to the midsection, Gulak with a kick to the knees, few punches to the head.
Gulak is relentless, caught Corbin leg.
Wrapping Corbin elbow viciously, headshot. Corbin with a big right hand for 2 counts, Corbin with elbow shots t the shoulders.
Gulak looking for fight back but Corbin caught him and  a big spine buster followed by a Boston crab lock but
Gulak fired up with a dropkick for close counts.
Corbin with a deep 6, Matt Riddle music hit Corbin is distracted Gulak with a roll-up from behind for 2 but Corbin able to hit the end of days for 1-2-3. After match Matt attack Corbin. Shorty G attacks Matt from Behind a rolling German suplex, G is looking to cash in King's Ransom. Corbin is smiling.
Result:- Corbin def. Corbin

 Big E vs Miz

Big E with a power game, pushing Miz down into the corner. E with a leapfrog followed by an abdominal stretch followed by a high elbow for 2 counts. Miz slaps E that doesn't good for him. E throws him out of the ring, head first on Desk, face first on the post. E sends Miz into the barricade, Morrison with a kick to the stomach on E when the referee is engaged with Miz, a double kick to the E.
Miz with an elbow from the top rope, E with a clothesline to Miz on the apron.
E go for a splash on Miz on the apron but Miz moves away, E is hurt.
Miz with a sleeper hold on E, Big E is fading but able to smash Miz into the corner but a kick to the jaw from Miz for the close count.
E with a right hand to Miz. E with 3 belly to belly suplex followed by a splash. Miz reeks the eye of E and a DDT for near fall.
Miz with "IT" Kicks, E caught him, Miz with a kick to the knee.
E with uranagi for near fall. E go for a spear on the apron but Miz with a knee to the head. Morrison with a kick to the head, Miz with the skull-crushing finale for near fall.
Figure-4 for submission but E grabs the rope forcing Miz to break the hold, Morrionsn looking to hit another cheap shot but this time ref caught him and sends him backstage.
E with a rollup followed by a  stretch muffler and Miz taps out.
Result:- E def. Miz via submission

Lacey Evans vs Naomi

Evans charges towards Naomi and pushes her into the corner. Caught Naoi in the mid-air and a powerbomb planting Naomi.
Lacey plant Naomi with a face-first folwed by a gator roll, wrapping Naomi across the ring post, stomping Naomi head into the post. Naomi tries to fight back but Lacey with a facefirst Planting Naomi head into the post.
Lacey entangleNaomi hairs in the steel steps but Naomi gets back on her feet. Naomi with a knee to the chest on the apron, modified sunset flip on Lacey.
Lacey again tries to wrap Naomi hair on the ropes again but Naomi able to free her hair and a rollup for victory.
Result:- Naomi def. Evans

Nikki Cross vs Bayley Smackdown Women's Championship

Annoying "All Belts" Champions are here.
Bayley with a kick to the midsection, Nikki fights back pushing Bayley in the corner.
Nikki sends Bayley halfway across the ring.
Nikki with elbow strikes on Bayley, Bayley with a dropkick on apron, stomping Nikki. Bayley work on Nikki in the corner, Nikki fights back and sends Bayley ribs first into the post followed by a crossbody at the ringside.
Bayley in control, slam Nikki head on the mat. Working on Nikki in the corner. Bayley with a back suplex for near fall. Shoulder thrust into the midsection of Nikki.
Nikki with a crossbody for near fall, a tornado DDT for another near fall.
Nikki with a backbreaker on the apron. Back into the ring, a belly to belly from Nikki for near fall.
Nikki with the same boss knuckle brass throw it on Boss.
Bayley mocks Nikki after hs left Nikki hanging on ropes but paid for it and completely demolished by Nikki at ringside
Banks try to interfere but Bliss, Cross took care of her.
After various pinfall combination, Bayley plants a one-percenter for victory.
Nikki is not stable she shove Alexa and left Alexa alone in the ring.
Lights go down, Fiend is here, he staring Alexa a piece of creepy background music makes things scarier and a mandible claw on Bliss, Fiend is laughing.
Result:- Bayley def. Nikki

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