WWE Raw Results | Apollo Crews battles MVP US Championship, Drew Mcintyre confront Randy Orton

WWE Raw results | Apollo Crews vs MVP US championship, Drew Mcintyre confront Randy Orton

wwe raw results

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Legend Killer Randy Orton shows his interest in WWE Championship so he challenges Drew Mcintyre WWE Champion and later that night Drew accepts the Challenge before competing against Dolph Ziggler in a brutal Extreme Rules match where he successfully defends his WWE Championship and moments later Viper Randy Orton hit an RKO on WWE Champion out of nowhere to send a strong message to Drew. Drew Mcintyre vs Randy Orton WWE Championship Match at Summerslam 2020 is official. Now tonight drew address the situation with Viper.
United States Champion Apollo Crews return on Raw after over a month absence and will battle his US Championship against the self-proclaimed US Champion MVP, Lashley, Shelton will be there in his corner. 
Last week on Raw we had another Championship match, Asuka vs Bayley WWE Raw Women's Championship on the line where Sasha Banks won the Raw Women's Championship by Def. Asuka via count-out, Asuka had to leave the match to save her friend Kairi Sane from the assault of Bayley but later announced that Kairi is done she suffers injury from Bayley. Kairi leaves the company. 
Asuka looking for retribution on Bayley and Banks. Bayley and Banks have all gold there is in Women's division, but they are getting pretty annoying week after week.
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler continue their rivalry, Jax attacks a WWE Official last week.
Also last week Dominic Cruz get som retribution and destroy Murphy and Seth Rollins but both already injured Aleister Black's eye.
Andrade, Garza is now No.1 for WWE Raw Tag team Championship and will challenge Current Champs Street Profits at Summerslam.
Shane Mcmahon will be here tonight "Raw Underground".

Apollo Crews vs MVP United States Championship

Lights went down a technical issue, here come US Champ Apollo Crews with old US Championship belt. Self-proclaimed US Champ MVP makes his entrance with Shelton and "destroyer" Lashley.
MVP before the match claims he is the US Champion ass Apollo is not present for their match at Extreme Rules, so technically he defeat Crews for US Championship.

Light's about to go down, Technical issue. MVP with the initial control of the match while Shelton and Lashley surrounding the ring. Crews fight back with a couple of elbows, followed by a snap suplex for 2counts.
Crews working on the left shoulder of MVP, to slow down him.  MVP hit a big forearm shot right to the face, crews shunned.
Crews fight back with a couple of elbow shots to the face, Lashley and Shelton pull MVP from teh ring, Apollo with an over the top dive to took down all three of them.
After the commercial, MVP in control because Lashley attacks Apollo on the apron during the commercial. MVP with a rocking clothesline turning Crews upside down. go for cover Crews kicks out.  MVP in complete control, a camel clutch on Crews through the bottom rope to inflict more pain on injured back.
MVP with vicious elbows to batter Crews in the corner
Cres with a kick to the back of the head followed by a crossbody. A spine buster from Crews for near fall. MVP with german Suplex but Crews gets up quickly fired up and hit a toss powerbomb for 1-2-3.
After match Lashley attack Crews, Crews just got away from Lashley.
Result:- Crews def. MVP via pinfall.

Kevin Owens Show

KO welcomes everyone and said a lot of things going to happen tonight like Return of Shane O Mac.
He quickly introduce guest of Tonight's KO Show., Ruby Riott.
KO asked about her emotional victory over Peyton Royce. Riott said Sh is very unlucky as she didn't register a win in her column since February. Later KO brings a surprise guest Liv Morgan, Ruby completely surprised.
 KO said Riott and Morgan were good friends so they can be again good friends like they were in Riott Squad. Ruby said she gets jealous of Liv what she thriving and more after Liv defeats her twice. Both talk to each other about their days in Riott Squad and return on Raw not the same as before.
Iconics interfere but KO tells them t leave but Iconics slaps him Peyton and Billy both slaps KO. Iconics challenge Ruby nad Liv for a tag team match.
KO asks for a little help from Liv and ruby so they attack Iconics and clears the ring.

Ruby Riott, Liv Morgon vs Iconics

The match was quick, Liv and Iconics work on each other in the early part of the match. In the end, Liv gets a ht tag and clears the ring and with a rollup out of nowhere pins the Billy Key to secure the victory. After the match, Iconics attack Morgon but Ruby came in aid and clears the ring.
Result:- Riott, Morgon def. Iconics

Drew Confront Orton

Drew said Oton spend 2 decades on surviving on vulnerabilities. He is not like a guy to show middle finger, throw armband like a rock before hitting People's elbow. Orton

He said there is no one behind him so when he made mistakes he punished severely he even fired for his mistakes unlike Orotn who had handed opportunities and didn't get punished for his mistakes.
Orton makes his entrance with Ric Flair and said last week he tells the world that he head respects What drew has done. But in return Drew said he is handed everything. He appreciates the fighting spirit of Drew. Orton said he should have been fired multiple times but he didn't but Drew gets fired because he is more valuable than Drew ever will be.
Drew said Orton symbolizes everything that is wrong with WWE, Orton never helped anyone backstage like The Undertaker helped him and many more in the backstage. Never, Orton didn't pass on the knowledge to anyone in the backstage, same what he did to him when he get fired, his world crumbling but Orton didn't do a damn thing for him.

Jax Apology

Jax attacks an official last week while she is brawling with Shayna Baszler. So she enters the ring with the official she attacks who expects Jax to apologize to him for what she did. But Jax challenges him for a match and said he will have an apology if he fights her. Official suspend her for an indefinite time without pay for her behavior. Jax attacks him again and throws him out of the ring.

R Truth vs Tozawa vs Shelton Benjamin 24/7 Championship Match

Short match, Shelton dominates the match but loses his focus and unnecessarily attacks Ninjas while Tozawa hits a splash on already down Truth due to Shelton's attack to win the 24/7 championship.
Result:- Tozawa de. Benjamin, Truth

Shayna Baszler vs Bayley

Shayna attack Bayley to get an opportunity to get a shot on Champion. Sasha slap Shayna twice.
Shayna takedown Sasha, mind games. Low kick, stomp to the hand of Sasha. Baszler with an armbar Sasha able to reach the ropes, Bayley interferes at ropes enough distraction for Sasha to hit a codebreaker on Shayna's right arm and sneds her for the shoulder first into the post.
Sasha working on the injured arm of Baszler.
Sasha with a crossbody from the top rope but Shayna caught her and hit a Nasty backbreaker. Sasha with crossface but Shayna breaks the hold with her strength. Sasha with knee, Shayna with a knee to the face, of her own to stun Sasha.
Asuka attacks Bayley and ref throw the match away and ring the bell, Asuka didn't attack Sasha

After the commercial, Asuka demands a rematch for WWE Raw Women's Championship at Summerslam. Baszler in the ring She said she wants Asuka to took the Raw Women's Championship from Sasha so She can take it off from Asuka.
Sasha and Bayley meters, Sasha said Asuka can get her rematch if she defeats former NXT Champion and her best friend Bayley.

Raw Underground

Shane McMahon is "under" Raw Tonight with Raw Underground, where there are very little rules, lots of excitement, carnage, chaos, and lots of things Shane likes to see. Raw underground its like illegal underground street MMA fights.
Shane introduces DABBA-KATO who stands 7 feet tall, 360 pounds who enjoys destroying the competition.

 Angel Garza vs Dawkins

Dawkins quickly go for Garza, shoulder thrust to Garza at the corners, Garza hurt badly after shoulder first into the post. Dawkins throws Garza into the plexiglass.
After the commercial, Dawkins dominating Garza, Dawkins with a dropkick for near fall.
Garza with a dropkick fo his own from the top rope. Garza goes for a wing clipper but Dawkins hits a heavy right hand followed by a splash and a running bulldog. Ford collapsed at ringside, Dwaking distracted, Garza hit a superkick followed by a dropkick right behind the kneck for 1-2-3.
Result:- Garza def. Dawkins

Montez ford vs Andrade

Montex with a headlock on Andrade. Andrade comes back and dominates ford for quite some time. Ford does not look as energetic as he has to be. Ford looking dazed off.  He fights back and sends Andrade into the plexiglass.
Back into the ring, standing dropkick sends Andare out of the ring from the top turnbuckle.
Montez comes back with his outrageous athletism, high flying moves, splash from over the ropes, Andrade is down outside, Ford is back into the ring but again Ford collapsed, ref, stops the match.
Result:- No contest.

Raw Underground

Erik from Viking Raiders is taking on the fighters in the underground, he looks really impressive. Raw Underground is really something new and good.
Backstage Dawkins informed that Ford poisoned before the match.

Messiah to answer Dominic Challenge

Seth asked some question to Tom Phillip. He asked Tom did he consider hi a professional, did he do job unbiasedly. Seth asked him what he is doing last week when Dominic attacks him, Seth said Tom inciting the anger of Dominic. Seth said Tom is the voice of Raw but he is not doing his job properly so Tom becomes a liability so time is come to find the new voice of Monday Night Raw. Seth asked Murphy to take Tom but Joe si in his way said Seth just can't come down and bully his broadcast partner.
He asked Murphy and Seth to get back. Seth said Joe doesn't want to do this but Joe said he do want.
Seth challenge Joe to get into the ring while Seth nad Murphy holding the chair ready to attack him.
Dominic attacks Seth, Murphy, from behind with Kendo stick. He completely batters both with kendo stick hit 619 on Seth and a splash from the top turnbuckle to put down both Messiah and Murphy.

Raw Underground

This time Dolph Ziggler showing some of his wrestling skills. MVP, Shelton, Lashley enters nad announced that from now they are taking control of Raw Underground. All 3 taking down the fighters one by one. They want more fights.

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