WWE Smackdown Results | Firefly Fun House, Dirt Sheet with Sonya Deville, Matt Riddle battles Sheamus

 WWE Smackdown Results | Firefly Fun House, Alexa "Sister" Bliss?, DirtSheet, Riddle battles Sheamus

Tonight Friday Night Smackdown Matches and Segments

  • FireFly Fun House
  • Miz TV with Special Guest Sonya Deville
  • Matt Riddle battles Sheamus
  • Jeff Hardy vs Baron Corbin
wwe smackdown results

Last week Smackdown
WWE Universe witnessed the unexpected ending of Smackdown When The Fiend attack Alexa Bliss with a Mandible Claw. Bray may explain his action on FireFly Fun House.
AJ Styles successfully defended his Intercontinental Title against Gran Metalik last week on Smackdown. so the question is who's next for him for WWE SummerSlam 2020. Styles delivers some classic matches at Summerslam in recent years against the likes of John Cena, Samoa Joe, Ricochet.
Big E last week begins his single rerun with a victory over Miz. So what's next for him IC Title may be.
Miz and Morrison will be there tonight to host Miz TV with special guest Sonya Deville,  who attack and assault  Mandy Rose last week and even chop off her hair.

Matt riddle currently feuding with King Corbin and last week Shorty G shocks WWE Universe when he helps Baron Corbin by attacking Matt Riddle for King's Ransom and tonight Matt Riddle battles Celtic Warrior Sheamus.
While Riddle will be busy with Sheamus, So, King Corbin, he battles Jeff Hardy.
All Gold Bayley and Sasha Banks will be on Smackdown for What? as there is almost no new rivalry or competition for them at Smackdown as Bayley defeat Nikki Cross last week so who will step up to challenge Bayley for WWE Smackdown Women's Championship at Summerslam 2020 as her best friend Banks will be busy with Empress of Tomorrow Asuka.
And the end for Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss friendship is near.

FireFly Fun House

Smackdown begin with Swamp Fight Highlights and fiend's attack on Alexa Bliss last week.
Bray addressed Fiend's attack on Bliss last week and said it's all Braun's Fault, Braun let that happen. Braun just has to give Him what he wants. Bray informs that The Fiend will be here tonight with very someone very special that's interesting. It's on Braun.

Matt Riddle vs Sheamus

Riddle with a sleeper hold but Sheamus breaks it. Sheamus with a headlock takedown by Sheamus. Riddle with a waist lock, nice takedown on Sheamus. Riddle fighting in an MMA style.
Well placed knee to the ribs of Matt. Sheamus dominates Riddle but Riddle able to apply armbar and splitting fingers apart of Sheamus. Sheamus breaks the hold and hits a powerbomb.

Riddle holding the ropes, Sheamus with 10 beats on the ropes. Sheamus accending for top rope but an elbow from Riddle sends Sheamus over the top turnbuckle.
After the commercial, SHemaus in control hit a trio of Irish Curse backbreaker. Riddle with a kick right to the side f the face,, but SHemaus get back up.
Matt Riddle gains the momentum
A running knee followed by a Swanton for near fall. Riddle goes for top rope but Sheamus moves away, Riddle lands on his feet. White noise for 2 counts. Sheamus goes for a Brogue kick but Riddle hit a german for near fall, Sheamus with a backbreaker.
Sheamus goes for a shoulder thrust but hit the post. At ringside, Riddle hit kicks to the chest of SHEAMUS. Sheamus with a knee to the Jaw of Riddle.
Shorty G attacks Riddle causing a disqualification, but Riddle fight back and completely destroys G and smashes his head on the desk.
Due to disqualification Riddle won the match, Sheamus is frustrated Riddle pointed towards G. Sheamus dargs G back into the ring and hit Brogue kick twice.

Result: Riddle def. Sheamus via disqualification

DirtSheet with Sonya Deville

After some highlights of Sonya's attack on Mandy last week. Miz and Morison introduce the victim and first guest through the satellite "Mandy's Hair".
Miz asks what motivates Sonya to do what she did to Mandy. Sonya said she did what she said, she will show the world her real face how ugly Mandy is from inside and Sonya did exactly.
Sonya said SHe has no respect for Mandy. Sonya asks where is Mandy, Miz, and Morrison said they didn't hear anything on her, she didn't even post a single selfie on social media.
Sonya said Mandy got a bumpy award last week for Making out with Otis.
Otis and Tucker music hit and they hit the ring to destroy Miz and Morrison.

Cesaro vs Dorado

Cesaro with a right hand followed by a knee to the gut of Dorado. Cesaro planted a backbreaker on Dorado followed by a clothesline.
Lince send Cesaro out of the ring, again power fluctuation may be retribution. Cesaro caught Dorado in mid-air.
Lince rocked Cesaro with a kick to the head. Cesaro caught Lice and hit a devastating backbreaker.
Cesaro with some groundwork on Lince. Lice fight back with a back dropkick, chops at the corner.
Lince hi a stunner, now Lice go for the trio of moonsault but able to hit 2 only due to Nakamura interfere.
Lince with a quick roll-up for near fall, Cesaro able to hit an uppercut followed by a neutralizer for the victory.
Result:- Cesaro def. dorado

The Fiend is Here

A Very rare site when The Fiend Making normal entry through the ramp expect in matches.

After the commercial, Fiend standing in the center of the ring and Bliss is sitting in the ring. Fiend stare her and ready to hit a mandible claw but Bliss stops him.
Universal Champ voice He said he didn't give a damn about Alexa he only cares about destroying Bray and playing with Braun emotion, not work on Braun. He called Bray a sadistic Bit**.
Braun said he is a thing from which nightmares are made up of, he is a monster and Fiend will face the monster. Next week Braun will be on Smackdown to face the Fiend.

Jeff Hardy vs Baron Corbin

Hardy with an atomic drop followed by a couple of right hands. Hardy with a clothesline folwed by atomic drop folwed by a basement dropkick for 1 count.
Corbin with a shot to the throat, Hardy goes for a twist of fate but Corbin counters it a devastating clothesline for 2 counts.
Corbin dominates jeff hardy and throws couple of devastating right hand on Hardy on the desk for near fall. Corbin showing some of his grappling abilities. Corbin drives under the ropes, a drop kick under the bottom rope sends Corbin into the barricade. Hardy on the attack, back into the ring Corbin with a deep6 on Hardy out of nowhere for near fall.
Corbin go for End of Days but Hardy prevents, Corbin with a knee sends Hardy out of the ring.
Sheamus with a Brogue kick on Hardy causing a disqualification like what G did earlier this evening.
Result:- Hardy def. Corbin via disqualification

Sheamus vs Corbin

Sheamus with series of kicks, right hand on Corbin. Sheamus is not in a great mood. Corbin with a knee, Sheamus with a knee of his own. Sheamus wants to hit 10 beats to the chest but Corbin prevents.
Corbin with a vicious clothesline at ringside, a couple of body blows on Sheamus. Corbin smashes Sheamus' head on the table. Sheamus with a knee on Corbin at the rope, hit clothesline driving Corbin over the top ROPE. Sheamus with body shots at the barricade, get back into the ring to break the count, SMashes Corbin head on the desk, and sending Corbin head first on the post.
Sheamus go for top rope but Corbin caught him and hit a side slam. Corbin is all over Sheamus, sneds Sheamus into the ring post for shoulder first. Corbin with a straight fist on Sheamus.
Corbin does some groundwork on Sheamus, Sheamus goes for white noise but unable to deliver it. Riddle is here cause a distraction to Corbin while jumping over Corbin overhead and SHEAMUS HITS A BROGUE KICK FOR THE VICTORY.
THat's you called an intense match.
Result:- Sheamus def. Corbin via pinfall

Stephanie McMahon Knows What's Best for Business

Stephanie congrats Bayley and Banks what they accomplish, capturing all gold in women division. Banks said they want to be a good role model for everyone including Mcmahon's daughter.
Mcmahon is not happy with what they did with Asuka, Kairi, and using other underhanded methods.
Mcmahon confirmed that Sasha will face vengeful Asuka at Summerslam for WWE Raw Women's Championship. As for Bayley next week there will be a 3 brand battle royal to determine the challenger for Bayley for Smackdown women championship at Summerslam. And that's what best for business.

Miz, Morrison vs Heavy Machinery

Morrison with a vicious knee to the head of Tucker, Tucker showing some of his wrestling moves, Morrison goes for a kick, tucker block, and hit a devastating clothesline. Otis tags in and a splash.
Miz makes a tag just to get beaten by Otis. Tucker with a splash from the apron taking down Miz and Morrison.
After the commercial, Miz working on Tucker, Morrison tags in and a double team forearm for near fall. Tucker fights back and targets the knees of Morrison. Miz tags in, the double team on Tucker. Miz with a kick and a cheap shot by Morrison at the ropes.
Tucker breaks the double team move and tags Otis. Otis single-handedly destroying MiZ AND Morrison. Sonya looks\
Otis hit caterpillar but Miz breaks the cover. Tucker right into the barricade as Miz dodges him, Miz sends Otis into the steps.
Mandy Rose from Behind attack Sonya Deville. But Sonya fighting back and both brawling in the ring, Ref throw the match out of the window. Otis, tucker, and Miz, Morrison tries to separate both women but Sonya and Mandy not backing down. Sonya hit a spear or a takedown on Mandy, Sonya not stopping. Otis and Tucker pull Mandy back.
BACKSTAGE both women fighting.


Lights go down, we have retribution at the ringside who cause power disruption, they are attacking commentators and cameramen. They attack WWE talent. Where is the Smackdown locker room? retribution destroying Smackdown ring, announcer desk, and writing retribution all over on Plexiglass with spray.
They are like a cheap version of Nexus. They shouting, laughing and destroying, tearing the WWE ring with the cutter.

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