IPL 2020 Live Score | Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings, Player of the match Ambati Rayudu

 IPL 2020 Live Score | Mumbai Indians(MI) vs Chennai Super Kings(CSK)

mi vs csk 2020
mi vs csk 2020 live score

IPL 2020 Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings live from Sheikh Zayed Stadium, UAE. The biggest and the largest Cricket Festival is back after 5 months delay. Tonight in an opening match, Defending and 4-time IPL Champs Mumbai Indians under the captaincy of Hit Man Sharma battles 3-time IPL Champs Chennai Super Kings under the captaincy of Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Stats:- MI vs CSK Head to Head in the last 10 matches, MI won 8 and CSK won 2 matches. MI is the only team in IPL who dominates CSK but this is the new IPL Season, new match anything can happen.

"क्रिकेट अनिष्चिताओं का खेल है" Anything can happpen in Cricket.

CSK Played most 8 finals and won 3times, MI Played finals 5 times and won 4 times. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has played a total of 9(8 with CSK and 1 with Pune) finals out of 12 IPL finals.

If CSK won tonight it will be 100th win for them under MSD Captaincy and Rohit Sharma needs 6 more Sixes to reach 200 sixes in IPL and 102 more runs to complete 5,000 IPL runs. Who will achieve milestone today?

Raina and Harbhajan both are out of IPL. Which team will win tonight?

Probable Playing XI :

CSK:- S. Watson, M Vijay, F DU Plaesis, A Rayudu, MS Dhoni(Captain), K Jadhav, R Jadeja, D Bravo, P Chawla, D Chahar, and L Ngidi.

MI:- C Lynn, Q De Kock, R Sharma(Captain), S Yadav, I Kishan, K Pollard, H Pandya, K Pandya, R Chahar, T Boult, and J Bumrah.

CSK won the toss and chose to bowl first.

CSK Lineup- M Vijay, Watson, Du Plessis, Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni, Jadeja, Curran, Deepak Chahar, Chawla, and Ngidi.

Bravo not playing tonight.

MI Lineup:- Rohit, De Kock, Suryakumar, Saurabh Tiwary, K Pandya, H Pandya, Pollard, Pattison, Rahul Chahar, Boult, and Bumrah.

It's time to Play.

Rohit Sharma and De Kock came to open for MI.

Over 1:- Bowler- Deepak Chahar.

1st Ball: Chahar to Rohit, Rohit sends 1st ball out of boundary for Four.

2nd Ball: A single run on the next ball.

3rd Ball: Kock on strike, 2 runs.

4th Ball: De Kock with a good shot, a flick for Four.

5th Ball: Zero runs.

6th Ball: Single run for Kock.

12 Runs in first over without any loss.

Over 2:- Bowler- S Curran

1st Ball: Dot ball

2nd Ball: Dot Ball.

3rd Ball:- Kock quickly steal 1 run, Rohit on strike.

4th ball: 4 runs for Rohit.

5th Ball: Rohit quickly takes 1 run.

6th ball: No run on the last ball.


Over 3:- Bowler- Chahar

1st Ball: Kock hit the ball for a single run, Rohit on strike.

2nd Ball: Dot ball

3rd ball: Another dot ball.

4th Ball: Rohit able to take a single run, good fielding by Plesis.

5th Ball: De Kock sned the ball for Boundary,4.

6th Ball: Kock run for 2.

SCORE: 27-0

Over 4:- Bowler- Nigidi

1st Ball: 1 Run, Kock gets the strike

2nd Ball: De Kock sneds ball for a boundary, 4.

3rd Ball: Kock, Sharma quickly run for 2


4th Ball: Kock send the ball, one bounce for Four, 4.

Another wide, pressure on Bowler

5th Ball: Another Four for Kock, 4.

6th Ball: Single run, 18 runs in this over.

Score: 45-0.

Over 5:- Bowler- Piyush Chawla

1st Ball: Nice ball, Kock completely missed. Dot ball

2nd Ball: a drive for 1.

3rd Ball: Another nice Dot ball, 

4th Ball:  WICKET Nice ball, Rohit hit the ball in the air, Curran caught an easy to catch. ROHIT is Out. Chawla strikes.

Rohit departs at 12 runs form 10 balls.

Yadav came to bat at No.3.

5th Ball: Another nice ball, Yadav score his first run.

6th Ball: Another nice ball, another single run.

Score: 48-1

Over:- 6 Bowler- S Curran

1st Ball: Another wicket, Kock is out.

Kock departs 33 runs from 20 balls. Sourabh Tiwari came to bat at 4.

2nd Ball: Nice delivery, a dot ball.

3rd Ball: 2 runs for Mumbai.

4th Ball: Another dot ball

5th Ball: Sourabh took a single

6th Ball: Good delivery, another dot. Chennai made a good comeback.

Score:- 51-2, Powerplay is over

Over:- 7 Bowler- Jadeja

1st Ball: Sourabh hit a nice drive for one.

2nd Ball: Yadav finds the gap, hit the ball for 4.

3rd Ball: Yadav took a single run, Sourabh on strike.

4th Ball: Another single run for Sourabh.

5th Ball: Another single.

6th Ball: Another single for Sourabh.

Score:- 60-2

Over:- 8 Bowler- Curran

1st Ball: Curran with a nice swing, single run.

2nd Ball: Single run

3rd Ball: Nice swing, beat Tiwari.

4th Ball: low ball, unable to play nicely, 1 run.

5th Ball: Yadav made a room, hit a cut for Four, Chawla unable to stop.

6th Ball: 1 run to end the over.

Score: 68-2

Over:- 9 Bowler- Jadeja

1st Ball: Inside out go for big but Yadav misses. only 1 run.

2nd Ball: Sourabh sends the ball flying over the boundary rope for SIX.

3rd Ball: Miss fielding by Nigidi, 2 runs.

4th Ball: Lower dept ball, Sourabh hit the ball for boundary four.

5th Ball: Sourabh take a single.

6th Ball: Another single for Yadav

Score:- 83-2


Over:- 10 Bowler- Chawla

wide ball

1st Ball: Nice shot but good fielding by Jadeja, a dot ball

2nd Ball: Yadav took a single.

3rd Ball: Nice delivery, another dot ball.

4th Ball: Another dot ball.

5th Ball: Sourabh took a Single.

6th Ball: Yadav go for big but misses completely another dot.

SCORE: 86-2 after 10 overs.

Over:- 11 Bowler- Deepak Chahar

1st Ball: a single for Tiwari.

2nd Ball: Dot ball

3rd Ball: Slower ball, for 1.

4th Ball: Late shot by Tiwari for 2 runs.

5th Ball: good delivery for 1.

Wide ball

6th Ball: WICKET Nice delivery, ball goes high bt not cover the boundary, Curran got the catch.

Pandya came out to bat at 5.

Over:- 12 Bowler- Jadeja

1st Ball: Tiwari took a single

2nd Ball: Dot ball

3rd Ball: Another Dot.

4th Ball: Flat SIX by Pandya.

5th Ball:  bad delivery, Another massive SIX, out of Dubai.

6th Ball: Dot

Score:- 105-3

Over:- 13 Bowler- Nigidi

1st Ball: Dot delivery

2nd Ball:  2 for Tiwari

3rd Ball: Sourabh sneds ball for a boundary, good shot

4th Ball: Another crackling shot for FOUR by Tiwari.

5th Ball: Single for Tiwari

6th Ball: Good delivery, Dot ball

SCORE:- 116-3

Over:- 14 Bowler- Chawla

1st Ball: Tiwari steps outside for 1.

2nd Ball: Pandya unable to read, 1.

3rd Ball: Sweep by Tiwari, misfielding, 2 runs.

4th Ball: Googly, huge shout from Chawla, Dhoni took DRS. Decision- not out

5th Ball: single run for Tiwari

6th Ball: Dot ball

SCORE:- 121-3

Over:- 15 Bowler- Jadeja

1st Ball: Tiwari hit the ball in the air, the ball hit the toe of the bat but Plesis caught, stumble, throw the ball , again caught the ball.

WICKET, Tiwari goes down on 42(31). Much needed wicket for CSK.

Pollard came at No. 6 to bat.

2nd Ball: Pollard takes a single run.

3rd Ball: Hardik hit hard but Jadeja stop the ball, 1 run.

4th Ball: Pollard with another single.

5th Ball: Hardik hit hard in the air but Plesis caught again. WICKET

Pandya departs at 14(10). Krunal Pandya came to bat at No 7.

6th Ball: 2 runs for Pollard

Over:- 16 Bowler- Chawla

1st Ball: Googley, a dot ball.

2nd Ball: Pollard sends the ball into the stands SIX.

3rd Ball: Nice delivery by Chawla, Pollard run for 1.

4th Ball: Another nice delivery, Krunal takes a single.

5th Ball: Dot ball

6th Ball: cut from pollard for 2.

SCORE: 136-5. after 16 Overs

Over:- 17 Bowler- Nigidi

1st Ball: Nice ball, slightly touch the bat, Flying MSD Caught him.

Pattison came to bat at No.8. 136-6

2nd Ball: Single run for Pattison.

3rd Ball: Pollard smooth shot for 1.

4th Ball: A cover shot from Pattison for 1.

5th Ball: Another single for Pollard

6th Ball: Pattison go for big but Misses completely.


Over:- 18 Bowler- S Curran

1st Ball: Cut at offside for 1 by Pollard.

2nd Ball: Crackling shoot over the bowler's head for FOUR.

3rd Ball: Step outside shot for 1.

4th Ball: Pollard with a nice cut for FOUR.

5th Ball: Nice delivery, a dot ball.

6th Ball: Pollard takes Single run.

SCORE: 151-6

Over:- 19  Bowler- Ngidi

1st Ball: Ngidi strikes again nice delivery touch the bat, Dhoni caught him, Pollard is OUT

Rahul Chahar came to bat at No. 9

2nd Ball: Chahar took single

3rd Ball: misfielding by Deepak Chahar, FOUR

4th Ball: Nice delivery, a dot ball

5th Ball: Pattison hit the ball high, Plesis caught again.

6th Ball: Perfect Yorker, another dot. Nice comeback by Ngidi in the match.

SCORE: 156-8, after 19 overs

Over:- 20 Bowler- Chahar

1st Ball: Chahar dismisses Bolt, on very first delivery 156-9.

Bumarh cmae to bat at No.11

2nd Ball: Bumrah run for 1.

3rd Ball: Bouncer, another DOT.

4th Ball: Another single.

5th Ball: Murah unable to read the delivery, single

6th Ball: 2 Runs on final delivery

162-9 MI in 20 overs.

The target for CSK 163 runs in 2 Overs.

2nd innings CSK Batting.

Over:- 1 Bowler- Bolt

Vijay and Watson open for CSK

1st Ball: Vijay on strikes, quickly takes a single run.

2nd Ball: Nice delivery, Dot ball.

3rd Ball: another Short delivery from Bolt

4th Ball: Nice inside delivery, Watson unable to read another dot

5th Ball: Watson reads this time, sends the ball for Boundary, FOUR.

6th Ball: Inside delivery, Waston is Out, LBW. Bolt strikes

Score:- 5-1

Over:- 2 Bowler- Pattison

Du Plessis came to bat at No.3

1st Ball: Nice inside delivery, Vijay completely misses.

Wide delivery

2nd Ball: Another good delivery, the ball hit inside of bat Dot ball.

3rd Ball: Another dot.

4th Ball: Good delivery appeal for LBW, Umpire dismiss the appeal.

5th Ball: Another Dot.

6th Ball: Short pitch delivery for LBW, Vijay is out.

Score: 6-2.

Over:- 3 Bowler- Bolt

Ambati Rayudu came to bat at No.4

1st Ball: Nice outswing delivery, a dot ball

2nd Ball: single run for Plesis.

3rd Ball: Good inside delivery, another dot.

4th Ball: Good inswing delivery, outclassing Rayudu.

5th Ball: Another Dot

6th Ball: Plesis with a classic shot, direct the ball towards boundary for FOUR.

Score: 12-2

Over:- 4 Bowler- Pattison

1st Ball: Short ball pitching outside, Ambati sneds the ball to the boundary for FOUR.

2nd Ball: Ball pitching inside, a dot ball.

3rd Ball: Another short pitch, Dot delivery

4th Ball: Ambati takes a single.

5th Ball: good seam inside, another dot

6th Ball: Nice stroke by Plesis for 2.

Score: 19-2

Over:- 5 Bowler- Bolt

1st Ball: crackling stroke by Ambati for FOUR.

2nd Ball: Nice outswing delivery, DOT.

3rd Ball: Another dot

4th Ball: Nice fielding another empty delivery

5th Ball: Ambati misses completely.

6th Ball: Another inside ball to end the over.

SCORE: 23-2

Over:- 6 Bowler- Bumrah

1st Ball: Short Pitch ball to Plesis.

2nd Ball: Plesis try to find the gap but Pandya stops the stroke.

3rd Ball: Another inside swing ball, Plesis unable to read.

4th Ball: Another disciplined inside swing delivery, Plesis completely misses.

5th Ball: Nice shot by Plesis for 3 runs, nice running between the wicket.

6th Ball: Ambati makes room and sends ball for FOUR, It's also a Big NO BALL.

7th Ball: Ambati sends the ball into the stands for SIX.

Score:- 37-2

Over:- 7 Bowler- Krunal

1st Ball: Plesis quickly takes a single.

2nd Ball: Ambati takes a single.

3rd Ball: Plesis with another single.

4th Ball: Nice inside delivery, Dot ball

5th Ball: Ambati run for 2.

6th Ball: Another dot.

Score:- 43-2

Over:- 8 Bowler- Rahul Chahar

1st Ball: Good strike rotation between Ambati and Plesis, another single.

2nd Ball: Another single for Plesis.

3rd Ball: 1 run.

4th Ball: dot delivery.

5th Ball: Inside out delivery, Plesis sends the ball to the delivery for FOUR.

6th Ball: Nice footwork by Plesis for 1.

Score: 51-2

Over:- 9 Bowler- Krunal

1st Ball: Flick from Plesis for 1.

2nd Ball: Ambati hit the ball, fielder misses the catch, difficult opportunity.

3rd Ball: Dot


4th Ball: Shot at Long-on for 1.

5th Ball: Dot ball

6th Ball: Rayudu steals another single.

Score: 58-2

Over:- 10 Bowler- Rahul

1st Ball: Good strike rotation between Plesis and Rayudu. 1 run

2nd Ball: Another single

3rd Ball: Rayudu direct the ball at legside, for FOUR Bad fielding by Bumrah.

4th Ball: Nice shot towards the boundary but the ball slips through Bolt for FOUR. 

5th Ball: another Single.

6th Ball: Single run

Score: 70-2

Over:- 11 Bowler- Krunal

1st Ball: Plessis steps outside for 1.

2nd Ball: Rayudu step outside, stop, took time to send the ball to the stands for SIX.

3rd Ball: Another single.

4th Ball: Plesis steals another single

5th Ball: Nice cut from Rayudu for 1.

6th Ball: Another single for CSK.

SCORE: 81-2

Over:- 12 Bowler- Bumrah

1st Ball: 1 Run for Plesis.

2nd Ball: 1 Run for Ambati.

3rd Ball: Another single for Plesis.

4th Ball: Nice inside delivery with good height, Rayudu completely misses.

5th Ball: Cracking shot by Rayudu for FOUR.

Rayudu completes his 50.

6th Ball: Dot delivery.

Score:- 88-2

Over:- 13 Bowler- Rahul

1st Ball: Plesis still taking singles

2nd Ball: Nice footwork by Rayudu sends the ball into the stands for SIX.

3rd Ball: Back to singles.

4th Ball: Another single.

5th Ball: 1 run.

6th Ball: Another single, good strike rotation by both batsmen.

Score: 99-2

Over:- 14 Bowler- Pattison

1st Ball: Another single for Plesis.

2nd Ball: Rayudu steps outside but misses the delivery completely.

3rd Ball: Slow delivery, Nice stroke by Rayudu for 2.

4th Ball: Nice shoot for 1.

5th Ball: Soft flick by Plesis for 1.

6th Ball: Another good shot for 1.

Score:- 105-2

CSK needs 58 out of 36 balls.

Over:- 15 Bowler- Bumrah

1st Ball: attempt for a bouncer, Ball hit the helmet of Rayudu.

2nd Ball: Good yorker, still Ryudu steals 1 run.

100 run partnership between Plesis and Rayudu.

3rd Ball: Plesis step back to hit the ball for the boundary, FOUR.

4th Ball: Dot ball

5th Ball: Both running towards wicket end, MI appeal for Runout, third Umpire: Not Out.

6th Ball: Wide ball, bouncer over the head

7th Ball: Yorker by Bumrah but Rayudu flick it to backside, Pattison with great effort saves 2 runs for MI.

Over:- 16 Bowler- Rahul

1st Ball: Plesis with a single.

2nd Ball: Rayudu with a reverse stroke, ball in the air, Krunal unable to catch.

3rd Ball: Another single.

4th Ball: Ryudud looks in hurry, another miscalculated shot.

5th Ball: Plesis hit the ball high but lands in no man's land. 1 run

6th Ball: Ryudu hit the ball very high but Chahar caught the ball. big wicket for MI

Score:- 121-3

Jadeja came to bat at No.5 Not MS Dhoni

Over:- 17 Bowler- Pattison

1st Ball: Jadeja with a nice flick at the leg stump, send the ball to the boundary for FOUR.

2nd Ball: Jadeja takes a Single. 

3rd Ball: Plesis run for 2.

4th Ball: Miscaluclated shot by Plesis, Ball in the air but luckily ball lands in no man's land.

5th Ball: Jadeja using the speed of Bowler and direct it to the boundary for FOUR.

6th Ball: Another single.

Score:- 134-3

Over:- 18 Bowler- Krunal Pandya

1st Ball: Nice inside delivery, appeal for LBW Jadeja is OUT

S Curran came to bat at No.6, not MS Dhoni, WHY.

29 runs in 17 deliveries

2nd Ball: Curran takes a Single.

3rd Ball: Another single.

4th Ball: ow full toss, S Curran sends the ball into the stands Flat SIX.

5th Ball: Curran makes room and hits the ball for Boundary FOUR.

6th Ball: This time a single for CURRAN.

Score:-147-4, needs 16 runs from 12 deliveries.

Over:- 19 Bowler- Bumrah

1st Ball: Lenght ball by Bumrah, Curran sends the delivery to the Stands for SIX

2nd Ball: Another shot but miscalculated and Patisson caught him. 

Curran is OUT, he played his cameo, MS Dhoni is IN.

3rd Ball: Bumrah with a slower ball, Du Plesis sends it for FOUR. 

4th Ball: Plessis took a single completes his Half-century.

5th Ball: Dhoni is OUT, on his first Delivery, DRS by Dhoni. Dhoni Review System is correct Dhoni is NOT OUT.

6th Ball: Dot ball

Score:-158-5, needs 5 runs in 1 over

Over:- 20 Bowler- Bolt

1st Ball: Plesis makes room and slashes the ball for FOUR.

2nd Ball: Another 4 by Plesis, CSK def. MI by 5 wickets.

CSK open 2020 IPL with a win, MI again start his campaign with a loss nothing New for MI.


Game Changer of The Match: Faf Du Plessis

Super Striker of the Match: Quinton De Kock.

Let's crack it Sixes awards: Ambati Rayudu

Power Player of the Match: Quinton De Kock.

Player of the match: Ambati Rayudu

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