WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Matches Results | Roman Reigns vs Demon Finn Balor Universal Title Match

wwe extreme rules results
WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Matches Results

 Welcome to WWE Extreme Rules 2021, 26th September live from Columbus, Ohio. Tonight, we have 5 Championship matches & a non-title match, an Extreme Rules Match and the return of Demon King Finn Balor.

Roman Reigns vs "Demon" Finn Balor Universal Championship, a couple of weeks ago Reigns def. Balor in a title match at Smackdown in a very questionable way which led Balor to bring out his inner Demon for the first time in years. Can Demon Balor def. Reigns to become a 2-time Universal Champion or Roman's undefeated title Reigns continues? Lesnar is waiting for whoever came out as Universal champion.

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair Smackdown Women's Championship, last month Becky Lynch shock the world by making her an unexpected return at SummerSlam & then winning the Smackdown title by def. Belair in just 27 Seconds. After ignoring & denying to gave Belair her rematch, Lynch was forced to sign the contract to make their match official.

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss Raw Women's Championship. Last Month at Summerslam Flair again capture Raw Women's title & move past her issues with Ripley & Nikki ASH. Bliss is playing mind games with Queen for few past weeks. In the past, both had delivered some classic wrestling matches, Who will win tonight Lily or Charly?

Jeff Hardy vs Damien Priest vs Sheamus United States Championship. Priest has been a fighting champion since winning the title at Summerslam by issuing several open challenges exact opposite of former US Champion Sheamus. Sheamus earn this rematch by def. McIntyre but he lost to Hardy which helps Hardy to earn a spot in this title match.

The Usos vs Street Profits Smackdown Tag Team Championship. Usos has been on a roll since joining Roman Reigns. After a long period of time, Profits are back in the Tag title picture, they also helping Balor to even the numbers against the Bloodline.

Liv Morgan vs Carmella.

Aj Styles, Omas, Lashley vs New Day

6 men tag team action to start the Extreme Rules. Bell rings, Xavier & Styles start the match, Woods quickly takes control, land some chops, Styles quickly turn things around with a calf-crusher forcing Kofi to tag in. Kofi starts with a flurry of kicks but Style attacks his hamstring & asks Big E to tag in. Big E runs through Styles & asks for Lashley to fight.

Lashley gave some beating to E before E drives Lashley in his corner, Unicorn stampede overwhelm Lashley. Styles, Omas slight distraction allows Lashley to capitalize over Kofi. Lashley tossed Kofi across the ring, Omas tag in, land some heavy strikes & a pick him up high in the air for face-first on the mat.

Kofi has a chance for a tag but Lashley brutally attacks E at ringside, delivers a flatliner on Kofi. Kofi took heavy punishment before slipping underneath Lashley and tag Woods. Woods unleashed a flurry of offense from chops to DDT on Lashley. Lashley with a Powerslam on Woods, both on top, Woods knock Lashley & deliver a dropkick from the top.

Tag made from both sides, Big E & Styles are legal. Big E delivers multiple Belly to belly suplexes before Styles lands a combo of elbow shots & beautifully counters Big E spear on the apron. Kofi tag in, deliver a stomp on STyles with the help of E. 

Kofi goes for an over-the-top-rope dive on Styles & Lashley at ringside but gets thrashed by Omas's chop in midair. In the end, slight miscommunication between Styles & Lashley allows E to deliver a Big Ending on Lashley for 1-2-3.

Result: New Day def. Styles, Omas, Lashley

The Usos vs Street Profits Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Bell rings, Dawkins & Jimmy start the match. Dawkins quickly takes control & stuns Jimmy with his agility. Jey tag in, Street Profits clears the ring. Ford tag in, Ford covered in tapes around his ribs, Jimmy with a blind tag allowing to capitalize. Usos targets the midsection of Ford & tears apart the tapes.

Ford took the punishment for quite some time before tagging Dawkins who takes acre of both Usos. Jimmy go for a Dive but get caught in midair & a overhead Suplex at ringside, Jey also goes for dive but Dawkins counter with a right.

Back in the ring, Dawkins delivers a Superplex followed by a Twisted neck-breaker for a near fall on Jimmy. Profits with a double team move, Blockbuster connects, Jimmy kicks out again. Jey with a tag, Dawkins didn't see it allowing Usos to take back the control.

Ford tag in, Profits looking for double team move but Ford's ribs gave out allowing Usos to counter, Usos splash connects on Dawkins for 2 counts. Usos drives Dawkins into the barricade, Ford is legal, Swanton from the top on both Usos & a Frog splash in the ring, go for cover Jey breaks it.

Both Usos attack Ford's ribs with Superkicks and end the match with double Usos Splash for 1-2-3.

Result: The Usos def. Street Profits to retain Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss Raw Women's Championship

Bell rings, bot exchange a brief staredown before locking arms, Bliss with a series of offense & play some mind games before Queen caught her & drives her knees into Bliss's spine followed by a couple of chops. Queen shows no mercy for Bliss, Bliss not smiling anymore but pure pain.

Queen with an under-hook, tries to stretch Bliss's spine on her back, Bliss drives Flair into turnbuckle face-first but not much change for her. Flair caught Bliss on the apron, drives Bliss's head into the barricade. Champ dominating the match from the beginning.

Flair delivers a backflip for near fall, go for natural selection but Bliss slips out, & lands a heavy right. Queen again turns things around with a Powerbomb, another near fall. Flair waste quite some time allowing Bliss to deliver a sunset flip powerbomb for 2 counts.

Bliss gaining momentum, deliver a Splash go for cover, Flair put her foot on ropes to break it. Frustration shows on her face. Flair throws Lily on Bliss, Bliss distracted by it, Queen lands a Bigfoot to the face followed by Natural Selection for 1-2-3. After the match, Queen tore Lily & destroys Alexa.

Queen leaves the ring, Alexa looks very angry & cries over what happens to her Lily.

Result: Charlotte Flair def. Alexa Bliss Raw Women's Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Damien Priest vs Sheamus United States Championship

Bell rings, Sheamus knocks out Hardy with a knee strike, tries to keep this match between him & Priest. Both exchange strikes, Priest takes control & Stomp Sheamus at ringside. Hardy jump over the step & takes out Priest. Sheamus & Hardy have a brief encounter before Preist joins the fray & takes on both challengers.

Sheamus slams Priest at ringside & start punishing Hardy. Priest with 10 Beats of the Bodhrán on Sheamus but Sheamus counters. Hardy with a dropkick to the Sheamus's chin following by a Splash for near fall. Hardy with a whisper in the wind takes out both Sheamus & Champ.

Hardy go for classic offense but Sheamus lands a foot to the chest followed by Alabama Slam followed by cloverleaf but Hardy hangs on until Priest back to the return attack the nose of Sheamus. Sheamus rolls out of the ring, Priest & Hardy exchange a series of moves & counter, Hardy in control, looking for Splash but Sheamus dumps him at ringside.

Sheamus with a Swanton of his own on Champ for near fall while mocking Hardy. Hardy & Priest double stack in the middle of the ring, Hardy deliver a Swanton. Hardy & Priest exchange strikes before Sheamus intervene with a knee strike, Hardy tries to take advantage.

In the end, Brogue kick connects but Hardy rolls out of the ring, from behind Priest with a quick rollup cover for 1-2-3 to retain his US title.

Result: Priest def. Hardy, Sheamus to retain US title

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair Smackdown Women's Championship

Bell rings, Lynch moves her hand for a shake hand like what she did at Summerslam but Belair ready for it, quickly counter Lynch, go for KOD but Lynch slips through her grasp. Lynch is back in the ring, go for a cheap shot but EST is ready for everything Lynch has to offer.

Belair shows her agility, force her to retreat. Lynch took her time & uses Belair's braid for her advantage. Lynch in control for quite some time & uses Belair's braid for her convenience. Lynch with a chin lock, Belair gets back on her feet & deliver a Suplex.

Belair fights back, lands a couple of strikes followed by a Suplex & a delayed standing Suplex. Belair hammered Lynch in the corner, lynch again grabs braid but loses to Belair in braid tug of war, Spinebuster connects for challenger & tosses her across the ring.

Lynch slips Belair's clutch & locks her in disarmer, Belair reaches ropes to break free. Lynch drives Belair into steps & a leg drop from top for 2 counts. Lynch again delivers a leg drop this time back of the head for another near fall.

Lynch goes for armbar but Belair countering it, & delivers a Spinebuster. Both on their knees, exchanging strikes, after series of cover, Lynch locks EST in disarmer, but Belair pick her up on her shoulder as she looking for KOD, Banks came out and attack her. The match ends in DQ.

Banks thrashed Belair, Lynch looks pleased with Banks's actions and gave her a thumbs-up but Banks attacks the Champ as well.

Result: Match ends in DQ

Roman Reigns vs "Demon" Finn Balor Universal Championship

Extreme Rules Match, Undefeated Demon vs Undefeated Champ(391 days). Bell rings, both exchange a stare-down before locking arms. Reigns lands a heavy right but Demon just get back up as quick as he falls. Demon tries to tear the face of Champ. A heavy right followed by Samoan Drop for 2 counts.

Demon get back on his feet, Reigns brings a kendo stick & in response demon Balor brings a big cluster of the kendo stick, smash Reigns with it. Demon caught Reigns in the apron cloth, land a kick to the face. Demon pulls out the table, Reigns put Demon down with a clothesline & put TABLE back under the ring & pulls out the chair.

Demon uses the chair against Reigns, drives him into steel steps. Demon again goes for the table, Reigns again took advantage, drive-by stuns the Demon. Roman toss Demon in the timekeeper area. Reigns in control, both exchange strikes on a table, Demon with a dive drives Champ through the table.

Demon brings Reigns back in the ring & setup the table but Roman drives Demon through the table in the ring for near fall. Both get back up, a heavy right by Roman, Pele kick by Demon & Superman punch by Champ for near fall.

Heyman tries to hype Roman, Roman go for Spear but Demon counter first but another spear attempt connects, Roman go for cover, Demon kicks out with a low blow like what Roman had done in past. Demon back on his feet & coup de grace connects, go for cover but Usos drags Demon out & attacks him.

Demon fights back, dumps Jimmy into the barricade & powerbomb Jey on the table. Roman from behind a Spear to Demon through the barricade. Both are down, Lights turning red, Demon is back on his feet, unleash a barrage of attacks. Back in the ring, Demon looking for coup de grace but the ring ropes break HOW? ring malfunction SCREW Demon. Demon injured his legs, Roman takes advantage, deliver a Spear for 1-2-3.


Result: Roman Reigns def. Demon Balor to retain Universal Championship 

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