WWE Smackdown Results September 10 2021 | Brock Lesnar return, Edge vs Seth Rollins

brock lesnar return
Brock Lesnar Return on Smackdown


Welcome to Friday night Smackdown live from Madison Square Garden. Tonight on Smackdown we have,

Brock Lesnar Return, a couple of weeks ago Brock Lesnar makes his unexpected return at WWE Summerslam but nobody knows why? tonight on his official return at Smackdown he will clear why he returns.

Edge vs Seth Rollins Part2

Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair Extreme Rules match contract signing.

The Usos vs Street Profits Smackdown Tag Team Title Match

Last week, Roman Reigns def. Finn Balor in a Universal title match with the assist of his cousins The Usos, so Balor has another opportunity, Balor will face Reigns again for the Universal title this time at WWE Extreme Rules PPV, will someone interfere again, someone like Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar is back

Head of the Table Roman Reigns kicks off the show with Heyman, Usos at his side. Reigns declare that He, Bloodline runs WWE, they run New York, they run MSG, so Reigns ask MSG to Acknowledge him. As MSG acknowledging them, Lesnar’s music hit, here comes the Beast, circling around the ring, quickly jumps in the ring to confront The Bloodline.

The Usos step up & face Lesnar while Reigns hiding behind them, before any action Heyman asks Lesnar a question why he is going for the Universal title when he can go for any other title? Lesnar took the mic & he has a question for Heyman, Why Heyman didn’t tell Roman that he(Lesnar) going to be at Summerslam?

After hearing this, Reigns with distrustful eyes takes his title back from Heyman & walks out leaving Heyman in the ring with Lesnar, Heyman tells Reigns that it's all mind games & he didn’t betray Reigns. Suplex city chant fills the stadium, Heyman quickly changes his colors and begin to shout that `My name is Paul Heyman & for 20 years he had been an advocate of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar`

Lesnar said that was great like old times, but Lesnar has a challenge for Heyman before Reigns fires him. Challenge is, Heyman has to accept Lesnar's shot at Roman Reigns Universal title & Heyman got 5 Seconds. Heyman didn't accept, Lesnar pick him up for F5, Reigns quickly jump into the ring & land a Superman punch on Lesnar. Lesnar quickly getup & caught Reigns, looking for F5 but Usos came to his rescue.

Usos land 2 Superkicks before being steamrolled by Lesnar, Lesnar sends Usos on a little tour of Suplex City. Lesnar stands tall in the ring while Reigns quickly retreated with Heyman. Will Reigns answer Lesnar's Challenge?

Nakamura, Rey, Dominick, Rick, Big E vs Otis, Ziggler, Zayn, Roode, Crews

Before the match, Sami Zayn brings Trae Young(NBA Star) as a special guest for New Yorker, WWE Universe welcomes him with a wave of Booes. Bell rings, Shin, Dolph start the match, Shin quickly takes control before Otis drives him off the ring apron. Shin took the punishment for quite some time, Heel team controls the match with quick tags.

Shin lands a kick on Zayn & tags Rey. Rey hit Zayn with a sunset flip powerbomb, Crews breaks the cover. After a series of exchange of finishers, in the end, Zayn takes control, Trae get involved & attack Rey but the ref caught him & sends him to the locker-room. Rey took advantage of this & father-son due hit a double 619 on Zayn & a Big-Ending by Big E for 1-2-3.

After the match, Keyla ask E what's next for them, E said if Lashley or Reigns has what he needs he will come for it.

Result: Nakamura, Rey, Dominick, Rick, Big E def. Otis, Ziggler, Zayn, Roode, Crews

Extreme Rules contract signing

In the ring, Pearce, Deville present with the contract, Belair comes out first. She said she has the utmost respect for Lynch as a competitor but she never thought Beckly would run from a fight. Belair said Now she didn’t respect her as she used to but at Extreme Rules, Becky can win back some amount of respect from her while She win back her Smackdown women’s title & she sign the contract.

Here comes The Man Becky Lynch with Sunglasses & red fur jacket. Lynch not signing the contract & said she will give Belair the match when she will be ready, it may be tonight & she ask Pearce if she didn't sign the contract what will happen? Belair rallies the crowd with "Sign it" chants.

Lynch feels betrayed by WWE Universe, she shouts at WWE Universe before signing the contract. It's official, Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair Smackdown Women's title at WWE Extreme Rules.

Edge vs Seth Rollins

Bell rings, both start with wrist locks & classical series of offense, Rollins looks good in the early part of the match. Edge with toehold drop Rollins face-first into turnbuckle & drives Rollins shoulder-first into the post. Edge focus on the shoulder, drills his knees in Rollin's face. Rollins lands a knee driving Edge out of the ring followed by a dive at ringside.

Rollins in control, a flying knee to the face in the ring for 2 counts, Rollins works on the left knee of Edge. Rollins scream at Edge "it's his time" & delivers 2 "Glam-Slam"(Edge's wife move), Edge kicks out before 3. Rollins looking for Edge-Cution but Edge blocks it & avoids Pedigree. Rollins avoids Edge-o-Matic but Edge delivers a Pedigree for a near fall.

Rollins rolls out of the ring, Edge jumps on Rollins from the top turnbuckle at ringside. Back in the ring, Edge delivers a crossbody, a face-first into the mat & a full nelson slam for near fall. Edge head to the top rope, Rollins jumps to the top looking for Superplex but Edge drops him from top face-first. 

Edge caught Rollins in crossface in the middle of the ring, Rollins reaches the ropes. Edge has blood in his eyes, delivers Edge-cution, go for a Spear Rollins counter it with a Neckbreaker. Rollins go for Stomp but Edge caught him & delivers a Sit-out powerbomb for near fall.

Edge sets Rollins up on the top turnbuckle, Rollins slides underneath and delivers a BuckleBomb, Rollins waste too much time before going for Stomp, Edge counters it with a Spear for another near fall. Rollins lands a knee & elbow shot, Rollins lands a low-blow but Ref didn't saw it. 

Rollins lands a kick to face, Edge stands back on his feet defenseless, Rollins hit 2 Superkick, Edge again tries to get up & stare at Rollins, Rollins again lands a Superkick followed by a Stomp to the surgically repaired neck of Edge for 1-2-3. Edge didn't move after stomp on his neck, the medical team came out & takes Edge out.

Result: Rollins def. Edge

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