WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Matches Results | Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Universal Title Clash

WWE is back in Saudi after a year's hiatus and presents WWE Crown Jewel, stacked with a couple of Wrestlemania-worthy matches. The main headline of this event is Roman Reigns defending his Universal title against the returning Beast Brock Lesnar,  Goldberg looking for revenge against Almighty Lashley in a No hold barred match, and many more lucrative clashes.

wwe crown jewel 2021 matches results
WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Matches Results 

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Matches-

Roman Reigns(c) vs Brock Lesnar Universal Championship match

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley No Holds Barred

Edge vs Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell Match

Big E(c) vs Drew McIntyre WWE Championship Match

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair Smackdown Women’s Championship 

RK-Bro (c) vs. AJ Styles & Omos Raw Tag Team Championship

Finn Balor vs. Xavier Woods King of the Ring finals

Doudrop vs. Zelina Vega Queen's Crown finals

Lesnar has been playing with Heyman & Reigns since his return & able to create some mistrust in the Tribal chief's camp. Heyman declared on Smackdown that he will be coming & leaving Saudi with Universal Champion, so what role Heyman will choose in the end, Lesnar's advocate or Reigns' advisor.

After losing the WWE Title to Big E, Lashley is set to clash against the vengeful Goldberg in a No Hold barred match. Lashley had warned that he is going to end Goldberg's career, will he be successful in this or Goldberg gets his revenge?

Edge looking to end his chapter with Seth Rollins for Good, this time both clash inside Hell in a Cell.

Edge vs Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell

Tonight's Action starts from inside Hell. The last time Edge was inside HIAC he was with The Undertaker almost a decade ago. 

Edge quickly jumps on Rollins as the bell rings & not giving any breathing room, Edge sends Rollins flying into the ropes. Rollins took advantage of the ropes & deliver a flying knee drives Edge out of the ring, Rollins miss the suicide dive, Edge slammed Rollins into the cage wall & brings the chair early in the match.

Back in the ring, Edge delivers an Edgecution, for 2 counts. Edge breaks the chair to get an iron stick from it, looking for crossface but Rollins counter & now Rollins is in control. Rollins now use the chair that Edge brings & mercilessly slammed Edge with it. Rollins looked to smash Edge's skull between chairs but Edge didn't allow Rollins to do so.

Edge locked Rollins in Crossface, Rollins desperately grabbed the iron piece & poke Edge's left eye with it. Rollins with a frog-splash on Edge for 2 counts. Rollins set up a table at ringside, looking to Powerbomb Edge into Table but again Edge avoids but Rollins delivers "Unprettier" for another 2 counts. Rollins climbs the ropes, Edge pushed him from the top into the Table Rollins set up earlier.

Edge set up steel steps middle of the ring & deliver Edge–O–Matic for a near fall. Edge digging deeper, he climbs the ropes & a splash from the top with chair in hands, sandwich Rollins between chair & steel steps, Edge go for cover, Rollins kicks out again.

Edge jumps on Rollins but get caught & Pedigree connects for Rollins for a near fall. Edge counter Rollins & deliver a BuckleBomb followed by a Spear for a very close count. Both show signs of exhaustion & fatigue but still going deep. Edge brings the ladder & slams it on Rollins before setting up it in the corner.

Rollins use Ladder against Edge & put Edge on the Table, Rollins climbs the Ladder, Edge followed him both exchanges blows on top, Edge looking for Superplex from the top of the ladder to the table but Rollins counters it with a Sunset flip Powerbomb from the top of Table through that Table but Edge still kicks out again.

Rollins is frustrated, he brings the toolbox in the ring, Edge gets back on his feet barely, Rollins puts him down with Superkicks. Rollins thinks something, he wraps the steel chain around his foot & delivers a vicious Superkick to the face. Rollins put Edge's head on the chair, looking to finish with a Stomp but in the very end moment when it looks like Edge is done, Edge counter with the chair, low-blow with a chair.

Edge delivers a couple of kicks to the face & locked Rollins in crossface with a chain or wrench whatever Edge getting his hands on, before Rollins tap Edge breaks the hold just to end the match with Stomp. Edge is the Last Man standing in the ring after a hellish match.

Result: Edge def. Seth Rollins

Mustafa Ali vs Mansoor

Bell rings, both exchange a stare before locking arms, both begin with a series of classic cruiserweight action, Mansoor capitalizes & completely overwhelmed Ali at the early part of the match. Ali caught Mansoor & slam him on the apron head-first.

Ali in control, trying to humiliate Mansoor in front of his home crowd. Ali with a camel-lock but Mansoor get himself out of it but Ali didn't stop & deliver a picture-perfect Tornado DDT for 2 counts. Ali trash talk Mansoor& slaps him a couple of times which ends up firing Mansoor up.

Mansoor with a series of chops & offense, a thunderous clothesline turns Ali upside down, Mansoor go for a dive at ringside but Ali beautifully counters with a dropkick. Back in the ring, Ali go for a 450 Splash but misses, Mansoor's splash connects but injured his neck in doing so.

Ali grabs Mansoor's head between his leg clutch, Ali goes for a splash but again misses, Mansoor took advantage & delivers an over-the-top ropes neck breaker for 1-2-3. After the match Ali assaulted Mansoor before a Mysterious Man came out with his face covered & he face Ali.

Olympic silver medalist Tareg Hamedi came to rescue Mansoor & knocks out Ali with a lightning-fast kick.

Result: Mansoor def. Ali

RK-Bro (c) vs. AJ Styles & Omos Raw Tag Team Championship

Bell rings, Style & Riddle start the match, Riddle stuns Styles with flurry of kicks to the chest and a knee to the face before tagging Orton. Orton looking to finish the match early with RKO but Style avoids. RKO-Bro didn't let Styles to tag Omas but Riddle made a mistake but tossing Styles in the wrong corner.

Omas tag in and easily knocks him down, Riddle tag Orton to take care of Omas. Orton lands a couple of punches on Omas but has no effect on Giant. Omas now enjoying punishing Orton. Omas tag Styles, Riddle rallies the crowd with him, Styles knockdown Orton with a dropkick & tag Omas.

Omas target the shoulder, Orton pokes Omas's eye, tag made in both corners, Riddle launches a series of offense & counter Styles-Clash before tagging Orton. Orton push Styles into Omas. Orton looking for DDT, but Omas interfere, Riddle, engages with Omas at ringside, Styles go for Phenomenal-Forearm butt Randy turns it into a beautiful RKO, Riddle quickly tags in to deliver a Floating -Bro for 1-2-3.

Result: RK-Bro (c) def. AJ Styles & Omos to retain Raw Tag Team Championship

Doudrop vs. Zelina Vega Queen's Crown finals

Bell rings, Doudrop & Vega sizing each other, Doudrop dominates Vega from the start, Doudrop misses a slam from the top, Vega took advantage & deliver a tornado DDT on Doudrop for 2 counts. Vega desperately locks Doudrop in sleeper-hold but Doudrop drops Vega with a clothesline.

Doudrop goes for a cannonball but hits the post instead, face-first connects for Vega for 2 counts. Doudrop caught Vega & deliver a side-slam for 2 counts. Doudrop with a running Santon, Vega again kicks out. Doudrop grabs Vega's legs, Vega counters her & delivers a flip Powerbomb for 1-2-3.

Result: Queen Vega def. Doudrop

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred falls count anywhere match. Before the bell rings, Lashley secretly wraps chains across his fist & as the match begins Lashley slam Goldberg's skull with his fist wrapped with a chain. Lashley drives Goldberg into the corner, slammed him with the chair. Lashley target the left knee of Goldberg he injured at SummerSlam.

Lashley setup the table in the corner, Goldberg tries to get back up on his feet but a Spear from Lashley knocks him down. Lashley traps Goldberg's left leg in the chair & stomps it from 2nd rope. Lashley looking for a spear but Goldberg avoids it & Lashley runs into the table he set up earlier.

now Goldberg delivers a spear followed by a JackHammer but Goldberg didn't go for cover because it's not about winning but destroying Lashley. Goldberg deliver another spear this time at ringside through the barricade. Goldberg screams at Lashley while slamming Lashley's head on the barricade.

Goldberg put Lashley on steel step, looking to end Lashley for good by Slamming steps on his skull but Lashley barely avoids. When Lashley was about to abandon the match, Cedric & Benjamin come out with kendo sticks just to get smacked by Goldberg. Goldberg battered Lashley with kendo stick shots & ended the thing with a Massive Spear from the stage right into the tables for 1-2-3.

Result: Goldberg def. Bobby Lashley

Finn Balor vs. Xavier Woods King of the Ring finals

Bell rings, Balor starts with headlock, classic exchange of series of offense & counters between these two. Balor with no wasted motion, showing his grappling techniques, not letting Woods gain upper hand. Woods with a toe-hold drops Balor on the ropes, looking for DDT but Balor counter & a double stomp to the chest.

Chop to the chest followed by an elbow to the chest by Balor for 2 counts. Balor with Slingbalde, looking for a dropkick but Woods counters it with a Superkick. Both exchange chops, strikes, kicks & both down at the same time. Woods picks Balor up on his shoulder, Balor drives his elbow into Woods. 

Both on the top rope, Woods deliver a Superplex for 2 counts. Woods walk on the ropes to deliver an elbow but get caught by Balor, dropkick connects, Balor goes for Coup de Grรขce but Woods slips out. Woods on counterattack & an elbow from halfway from the ring to the chest of Balor for 1-2-3.

Result: King Woods def. Balor

Big E(c) vs Drew McIntyre WWE Championship Match

Bell rings, both lock arms, both testing each other strengths. McIntyre drops E with a shoulder tackle, E responds with an elbow to the jaw followed by clubbing blows on the apron. McIntyre caught & launch E at ringside. Back in the ring, McIntyre with chops & leg-sweep to put E down on the mat.

E find some room for offense but McIntyre quickly grabs him & deliver a thunderous Spinebuster for 2 counts. E fight back, block the chops deliver a Belly to Belly, E waste little time but McIntyre took advantage & deliver a couple of overhead suplexes. E caught McIntyre & a belly to belly slam.

McIntyre jumps on E in the corner but gets caught & Uranagi connects. E with a slide-cover for 2 counts, McIntyre turns it into Future Shock DDT, McIntyre goes for Claymore but E turns it into Powerbomb & locked McIntyre in stretch butler submission, McIntyre barely escapes but Big-Ending connects for the champ, go for the cover but Drew kicks out, champ in shock.

Big E looking for Big-Ending from top but McIntyre counter & deliver a Bulldog on Champ for near fall. McIntyre go for claymore, E avoids & sends McIntyre crashing. As E turns around Claymore connects this time, go for Cover E kicks out, this time McIntyre is one who is in shock.

McIntyre picks E on his shoulder, E barely escapes & delivers a second Big-Ending for 1-2-3.

Result: Big E(c) def. Drew McIntyre to retain WWE Championship Match

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair Smackdown Women’s Championship

The co-main event of the night. Bell rings, Belair, attacks both Banks & Lynch. Belair swung Banks into champ & showcase her strength. Lynch & Banks takes out Belair & not let Belair enter the ring for quite some time.

Lynch & Banks play with each other before Belair joins them. Lynch with a dropkick from top to Belair who has Banks on her shoulder. Lynch on control, dominating Belair. Lynch now engaging with Banks, Champ in a roll, dominating both challengers all by herself.

Lynch looking for a Swanton from the top but Banks & Belair caught her in mid-air, Lynch tries to talk her way out but not hope, both dump the champ into the corner. Banks & Belair now tussling against each other, Belair dominates this showdown early but Banks turns things around & delivers 3 Amigos, but misses the frog splash.

EST with a whiplash drives Banks out of the ring, Belair taking on Lynch. Gut-buster connects for Belair, Banks joins the fray. Belair taking care of both alone, go for a springboard splash but nobody homes. Lynch & Banks lock Belair in arm-bar & crossface respectively, Belair didn't tap.

Lynch looking for DDT but Banks escapes, Lynch able to deliver ManHandle Slam on Banks go for cover, Belair breaks it. Lynch now frustrated, ruthlessly attack Belair. Banks & Belair with a series of exchanges of moves at ringside, Lynch with a crossbody takes out both.

Lynch brings Belair in the ring & locked her in Dis-arm her, champ also locked Banks in it, both challengers at the same time. Belair picks both up high in the air with one arm. Belair delivers KOD but Banks tries to take advantage as Banks go for Lynch, Lynch caught her in a cover & pin her with the help of rope. 

Result: Becky Lynch (c) def. Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair Smackdown Women’s Championship

Roman Reigns(c) vs Brock Lesnar Universal Championship match

416 days & counting Roman Reigns as Universal Champion vs 503 days as Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, tonight both trying to prove who is the most dominant Universal Champion. First match for Lesnar in 19 Months since Wrestlemania 2020. Who is the underdog in this match Reigns or Lesnar?

Bell rings, Lesnar right goes after Reigns, hammered down Reigns with heavy punches, Reigns responds with heavy punches of his own. Roman trying to avoid Suplex from the beginning but in the end, he gets caught & Suplex connects. Lesnar is in control, Reigns with some offense at ringside momentarily, Lesnar again grabs Reigns, looking for F5, Reigns escape.

Lesnar favoring his left eye, Reigns lands a Superman Punch on the apron & a massive dive by Champ stuns Lesnar. Back in the ring, Reigns now dominating the Beast, a spear connects, Lesnar kicks out, Champ lands a couple of Superman Punches, looking for Spear but Lesnar avoids it with a massive frog jump, Reigns runs into the post.

Lesnar is smiling, Beast counterattack begins, a trifecta of Suplexes followed by an F5, go for cover Reigns kick out. Lesnar is feeling it, he wants to hurt Reigns more. Lesnar goes for another F5, Reigns counter with a guillotine, Lesnar counter before passing out, a Spinebuster put Reigns down.

Lesnar goes for another F5 this time connects but Ref gets caught in F5 & he is down & out, Lesnar is frustrated. He tosses ref out of the ring, as he turns around a Spear puts him down. Heyman tosses Universal Title in the ring between Lesnar & Reigns. Tug of war between them, which Lesnar won, as Lesnar turns around Usos land a Double superkick on Lesnar & Reigns hit Lesnar with the title.

Reigns go for cover, new ref came out of nowhere & count to 1-2-3.

Result: Roman Reigns(c) def. Brock Lesnar to retain Universal Championship match

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