WWE Smackdown Results highlights October 22 | Brock Lesnar want to beat Roman Reigns senseless

wwe smackdown new roster
WWE Smackdown new Roster

 Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown October 22. Tonight's episode is the fallout of yesterday’s WWE Crown Jewel PPV & the first episode featuring a new roster after the WWE Draft. At Crown Jewel Roman Reigns def. Brock Lesnar with the assist of his cousins Usos & Lesnar after his loss declared that `The Moment he arrives at Smackdown He will beat Roman Reigns senseless`. There will be a massacre tonight.

Lesnar is coming for Reigns meanwhile it's still not clear whose side Heyman is? At Crown Jewel during Reigns vs Lesnar when the ref was down Heyman tossed the Universal title right in the middle of Reigns & Lesnar, only Heyman knows to whom he tried to help.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is now the part of Blue Brand meanwhile Smackdown Women’s Champion Lynch was drafted to Raw so title exchange surely takes place. McIntyre lost to Big E in the WWE title match at Crown Jewel so will he right go after the Universal title when Reigns has been occupied with Lesnar.

A new roster will present new challenges for Champions with fresh storylines.

Beast Unleashed

Head of the Table & Still your Universal Champion Roman Reigns kick off the show with his adviser Paul Heyman. Heyman handed the mic to Reigns, the first thing Reigns ask Heyman was "for who, Heyman is holding the title in his hand, for Reigns or Lesnar"? Reigns question what Heyman did at Crown Jewel, as for practice he asks Heyman to hand Universal title to him right now.

Roman put the title on his shoulder and tell Heyman that he is not great at his job but he(Roman) is best of the best & declared he is the greatest Universal Champion ever, Why because he smashed everyone from Bryan, edge to Cena, he proudly declared last night he smash Brock Lesnar.

Roman asks Heyman what Lesnar said about tonight Smackdown, Roman laughs at that & said he is here running the show, everyone knows where he is so where is Lesnar? Roman announced that he is not going anywhere & he will beat Lesnar senselessly. Reigns standing in the middle of the ring waiting for Lesnar but Lesnar is nowhere in sight.

Roman said he is not leaving the ring until Lesnar comes out here. The wait is on, after waiting for a while, Roman said Lesnar fears him that’s why he is not coming. WWE Universe chant "WE WANT LESNAR", as Reigns is about to leave Lesnar's music hit, here comes the enraged Beast, Reigns not falling back.

Lesnar quickly jumps into the ring and the beating begins, Lensar knocks him down with a clothesline & drives Reigns into steel steps. After staring at Heyman, Lesnar smashes Steel's steps into Reigns' head, Lesnar clears the table, looking for an F5 on the table but Usos came to save his cousin. Lesnar just go insane, drives a Uso into the steel post & another Uso into the timekeeper area.

Reigns attack from behind, Lesnar picks him up & drives him into the post spine-first. Officials came out, Lesnar knock down a cameraman, tossed a couple of WWE officials on the table. Pearce came out with other WWE superstars, Lesnar knocked 3 of them down meanwhile Reigns retreats with his cousins.

Lesnar standing tall in the ring with the Universal title. Repetition of what Lesnar did at Raw 6 years ago after losing the title to Rollins at Wrestlemania.

After Lesnar leaves, Pearce came out & said Lesnar's actions are not acceptable because he didn't just harm the property but he also endangered the crew, officials & fellow Superstars and that cannot be allowed so ``due to his(Lesnar) actions tonight he is indefinitely suspending Brock Lesnar``. As he just finished, Lesnar comes out & wants to hear what Pearce has to say in person.

Lesnar asks Pearce to tell him again & Pearce bravely repeats what he just said moments ago and 2 F5`s for Pearce and Lesnar asks again but Pearce is not in the condition to answer.

Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn

Drew McIntyre's first night on Smackdown in a long time as a part of the active roster. He came out to issue an open challenge for anyone. Zayn came out, just brags about him being Master Strategist, longest tenure member of Smackdown & in the end accepts the challenge.

Bell rings, Zayn quickly rolls out, tries to play games with Drew but Drew caught him & drives him into the barricade before going the commercial, after the commercial Zayn is in control, Zayn trash talk just to fire Drew up. Drew with a flurry of attacks, a couple of Belly to Belly, clothesline & a neck breaker, looking for Claymore but Zayn rolls out of the ring.

Zayn uses the ropes, lands a couple of elbow shots, he looking for a Blue thunder-bomb but a Glasgow kiss connect. McIntyre runs towards Zayn but hits the post, Zayn in the corner mocks Drew before going for Helluva kick, Drew counter it with Claymore in mid-air, go for cover 1-2-3.

Result: McIntyre def. Zayn

King's Coronation 

King's throne, a Cloak, scepter & crown in the ring, Kofi comes out first to introduce his buddy 2021 King of the Ring Xavier Woods. All Hail King Xavier, Kofi put King's cloak, scepter & Crown on the new King, King Xavier.

Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali

Crown Jewel's rematch between Ali & Mansoor. Bell rings, Ali quickly jumps on Mansoor who side steps away & lands some heavy chops, and sends Ali over the top rope. Mansoor is in complete control, a crossbody from the top rope for 2 counts.

Ali drives Mansoor into ropes face-first & a Powerbomb for 2 counts. Mansoor counter neck breaker & a suplex, Ali land on the back of his head followed by a clothesline turns Ali upside down. Ali go for a flashy move but Mansoor got Ali's legs & stack up for 1-2-3.

Result: Mansoor def. Ali

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Happy Corbin

It's an Intercontinental title contender Match. Bell rings, both lock arms, Corbin land a right & couple of shots to midsection, shin counter with a knee to midsection & a sliding knee followed by another knee to the face. Both exchange right-left, in the end, Shin overpowers Corbin. A couple of knee-elbow strikes stuns Corbin.

Shin looking for a Superplex from the apron but Corbin drops him at ringside. Corbin in control, continue beating Shin down before Shin duck a big right and lands a left boot. A flurry of strikes for 2 counts, Corbin counters kinsasha & slam Shin on the mat face-first for near fall.

At ringside, Mat engages with Rick, Shin came down to help, Corbin takes advantage of distraction & attacks from behind, End of Days in the ring for 1-2-3.

Result: Corbin def. Shin

Title Exchange between Raw & Smackdown Women's Champions

Lynch is now part of Raw & Flair is part of Smackdown now, for the title exchange Sonya Deville is there in the ring. Sonya explains the situation & asks for titles from both, after a lot of drama both exchange titles peacefully but Flair drops a bomb if Becky wants 2 belts so what about both fights tonight in a winner takes all.

Banks came out with some harsh words for champs, Becky left the ring to go for Raw. Banks engage with Flair in a verbal contest which ends with Banks attacking Flair. Sonya stops Banks.

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